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"Fan fiction writers are blessings to this world"

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I hate the BBC


Moulin Rouge AU.

"You’ve got to go on, John."

"I can’t go on without you."

"You’ve got so much to give."

(John shakes his head, unable to speak.)

"Tell our story, John."


at least out loud I won’t say im in love

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Marry them

I might have to

My bff from law school just independently called Frodo and Sam a homoerotic relationship/said that Sam in in love with Frodo. I think I’m in love.

Fic Rec! Love at first science, LaFS part deux, First do no harm, A beautiful surrender, Anathema, The never Home Girl, 03:24:21, The Thorn that Hurts the Most, Falling Petals Budding Love,A change is gonna come, Every me and Every you, Arghh, there's more but I can't remember . I'll get back to you later :) —Anonymous

Wow those are all cophine?? sweet! Thank you nonnie!

Anything by novelconcepts, geekmonkeyramblings wrote a really good fic, its on AO3. Umm, Love Like Fools is also really good, Born Offside, Master of Biological Science, basically any story by jaybear1701. Really there's a plethora man. —and-in-the-morning-light

Thank you!!!! :D

I’m totally craving waffles rn




 To be honest, I’d love to have gone further …


people do realize that the fact that mary will be out of the picture and john and sherlock will end up together is not even in question right? do people realize the only thing in question at all is whether or not that relationship will be textually acknowledged as romantic? do people realize the fact that the series will end with the two of them together and solving crimes is literally not even remotely in danger like not even a slight worry?

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